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I got this sweater on one of my many childhood trips to Beitostölen in Norway where my family have cross-country skied every winter since I was 6. It was my first label item from the famous and extremely hip outdoor brand “Jean Paul” (don’t act like you don’t know it). Back then I loved it to bit’s and today it felt like I met an old friend.
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Okay at the moment this is probably the most boring fashion blog in the world. Tomorrow when I am back home near my closet again I promise to wear my oldest and ugliest piece of clothes!
Today I am working on my theoretical paper with the working title: 
The sustainable Fashion Consumer 
             – Emotional consumption in a physical world
I am really occupied with this megatrend explained by the danish company Future Navigators, and I hope that the “from More to Better”-trend will translate beautifully into the world of fashion consumption within the next 2 months.
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 I just got back home after spending a couple of days with a nice german client in Venice. We lived in a cozy agriculture hotel surrounded by vineyards in the middle of nowhere. The reason I’ve been quiet on the blog is because I was blissfully without internet for my entire stay.

Here are my outfits from the trip. I’m still going strong! (But I had to cheat and use the same shoes everyday – They reminded me a bit of of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List: A couple of old dying guys celebrating life on their final road trip)

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I am finding it quite ironic that I am sitting here during lunch at a progressive center left think tank course (Cevea), blogging about my outfit. I’ll make it short because the break is over now: Today is the pink theme. Tonight I am going out. 
This morning I was so hung over in the train from Aarhus to Copenhagen that I wore my old grey sweater upside down totally annoyed that the waist was so narrow until I realized it was the neck. 
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Ok, I will never ever become a fashion blogger! (WHO is taking their pictures?!) Anyway. I am wearing my oooold Superheroes t-shirt, Object pants with a bunch of stuff on the butt and my oldest pair of Converse that I pulled out of a pile of crap in Nairobi’s slum 7 years ago. Yesterday they experienced a renaissance when I pulled them out of MY pile of crap, and I think they really enjoy the breeze today.
Tomorrow I am going to Copenhagen at 5 am to attend my final Cevea course and Sunday I am going to Venice to work for a few days, but I am determined to upload pictures almost everyday fashion blogger style!
Have a lovely weekend.
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(I am going to be writing these posts in english, sorry for the grammar)

This evening I’ve been preparing a challenge that I am starting tomorrow. I am quite excited and I hope it will help me get a bodily feel of my conscious consumer project for my Masters. Ahem.. Tadaah:

The challenge:

I must not wear any clothes, underwear, nail polish, jewelry or shoes that I have worn within the past year for 50 days.

My wardrobe before the attack when everything was still peaceful and quiet.

23 nailpolishes.  

Trying to get a hold on my stored basement clothes.


Bye bye Levi, Commes Des Garcons, Acne, American Vintage, beloved Munderingskompagniet leather pants and Diane Von Furstenberg skirt. And yes it is my new business cardigan from Vibskov, that was supposed to be my grown-up fashionista Copenhagen Fashion Summit piece, lying there in the box crying (no wait, that was me).

Out with the new and in with the old. 

I own 43 pairs of shoes. 6,5 Converse, 6 identical high boots and 21 pairs of my shoes I haven’t worn for 1 year!

Luckily I found a little treasure in the darkest of my despair.

The yellow column shows the amount of clothes left in my wardrobe. 
4 ground rules for the challenge:
  1. I must not wear the same piece twice until everything of that certain type of clothes has been worn. (jackets are excepted)
  2. The clothes and shoes has to be worn in public for a minimum of 5 hours.
  3. When wearing some of the shoes (the really high ones) I am allowed to bring extra shoes.
  4. Every piece must be worn at least once.
* Sportclothes, night clothes and my size zero skinny-jeans are excluded from the rules.

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The Guardian kan man i dag læse at Israel nu lovgiver om obligatorisk sundhedstjek og nedre BMI for alle landets modeller. Jeg mener ikke at sundhed (udelukkende) kan måles i kilo, og håber vi i Danmark kan finde ud af at løse problemerne uden en lovgivning. Men ifølge sundheds og forebyggelsesudvalget’s resumé fra 12. januar 2012 lader det til at sundhedstilbuddet til danske modeller har lange udsigter.

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