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Day 12.

When I bought a pair of flared jeans in Topshop 2 years ago I was convinced that they would make me look like this:

Today I reluctantly wore them annoyingly aware of the fact that this might not be the case in real life. Okay I am certainly not Gisele.
To soften the blow I am now going to brag about my kitchen skill’s (no I didn’t write today. Instead I modeled for a danish supermarket, had a meeting with my vice president and went crazy in my kitchen)
Might I add that the bread is made purely with sourdough(!) I found the enchiladas on this great vegan blog (a sentence I thought I’d never say) and it all made me happy. 
Ps. The happiness was needed since I spend most of my time yesterday swallowing heavily through two tutor meetings at my school, and a 3 hour train drive with stomach flu. I won’t tell you what happened when I got home. 
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