Uh-oh. The ‘fashion’ blogging thing apparently got me hooked enough to make my first official hair post (stop me!). This is a hairstyle for everyone with long hair who, like me, HATES to do their hair and has never figured out how to make anything but a pony tail. This is the most easy party hair I have ever done (did this after half a bottle of white wine, and went Arto in the bathroom with excitement). 
  1. Make a plait that is sort of to one side.
  2. Place the plait along the forehead.
  3. Fasten it with hairpins.
  4. Pull out a bit of hair to make it look like you just stepped of the set of “I am Dina”. 
(Most importantly: Don’t think about what it is supposed to look like (because it won’t). Just make it)

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