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Day 19.

I am seriously doubting that Danish Fashion Intitute will let me into Fashion Summit if I don’t get my act together soon. As you might see I am running out of jackets and pant’s (Yes. I am blaming my clothes for the bad style). 
Tomorrow -believe it or not- I am going to top this outfit since I am also out of flat’s which means that I’ll be staggering around in Aarhus with the only thing that tops a 21 year old turquoise reverse jacket: Stiletto’s and a bad hip.  
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Day 17 and 18.

It’s impossible to feel bad when the sun is shining and you are wearing rose, laces, and pink striped pants:)
Yesterday I interviewed my grandmother about how you dress when you are 72 years old and live on an island with 200 inhabitants. It was nice, and we went to the loft and found all her old dresses – Ironically enough I wanted all of them.
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Day 14

There is no words for my outfit and pose (but I keep telling myself that it seriously looks better in real life).
I am in Kolding and tomorrow I am going to visit my grandparents on a small island called Strynø.
Happy Easter!
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Day 13

I am in my most modelly skinny jeans! They have cracks everywhere (thats how the light gets in right?) but it ass still a nice reunion (a freudian slip too good to correct) Maybe the cowboy boots is a bit over the top, but it’s because I am “saving up” nice shoes for the Fashion Summit – I had to use them today.  I bought the green tent I am wearing on a working trip to Mallorca 6 years ago.

I shame walked all way home from spinning this morning because I couldn’t at all relate to my clothes – How the dang do fashion bloggers / trendsetters get their self-esteem??
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Day 12.

When I bought a pair of flared jeans in Topshop 2 years ago I was convinced that they would make me look like this:

Today I reluctantly wore them annoyingly aware of the fact that this might not be the case in real life. Okay I am certainly not Gisele.
To soften the blow I am now going to brag about my kitchen skill’s (no I didn’t write today. Instead I modeled for a danish supermarket, had a meeting with my vice president and went crazy in my kitchen)
Might I add that the bread is made purely with sourdough(!) I found the enchiladas on this great vegan blog (a sentence I thought I’d never say) and it all made me happy. 
Ps. The happiness was needed since I spend most of my time yesterday swallowing heavily through two tutor meetings at my school, and a 3 hour train drive with stomach flu. I won’t tell you what happened when I got home.