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Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012

Workshops during Youth Fashion Summit at Mærsk. 
Dinner at Loppen with great table mates from Latvia, Finland and Italy.
Am I the only one who thinks the Opera House sort of looks like an airport?
Cascades of sustainable fabrics. So long myth about brown-hemp only and hello Organic cotton, organic wool, recycled wool, organic linen, recycled polyester, tensel and milk (yes, milk!) fibers.

Hanging out with a 1000 of my closest acquaintances such as Connie Hedegaard, H&M, Susanne Rützou, Better Place, Bruuns Bazaar, Patagonia, Vogue, Gucci, Eurowoman, CNN, Martin Lidegaard (the minister of climate, energy and building who I actually talked to ..ish) 
Everyone from Gina Tricot to Greenpeace was there.

Like with so many other things, the Opera is much more pretty on the inside:)
Welcome by the hosts Nikolaj Hübbe – or is it Connie Nielsen? Their body language was quite hard to separate.

On the slide about product transparency you can see a QR code on the care label for a pair of jeans, that you can scan and learn more about the production chain of your latest purchase.

Helena Helmersson who is H&M’s head of sustainability talked about many great things, but I think her final slide shows the entire fashion paradox very well: The Fashion Industry can only ‘do good’ to a certain level – It is the simple nature of Fashion to constantly keep us desiring new clothes.
(But thumbs up for their Conscious Collection which I will post a bit about next week)

Another example about the tricky fashion paradox is the experience I had when we were on stage presenting our key findings from the Youth Fashion Summit. The arrangers gave each of us a sponsored T-shirt that they wanted us to wear and keep. 
Thank you very much, but isn’t this exactly what we shouldn’t be doing? Fixing the problems we have with the mindset that created them? I don’t at all blame the ones who did wear the T-shirt, I just didn’t do it.

Galahad Clark from the barefoot shoe company Vivobarefoot talking about how we in the western society have become scared of nature (e.g. pain, fat, the sun, giving birth, bacteria). He’s philosophy is creating sustainable products that 
  • Helps us to connect with nature – like the sensations you get when you walk bare feet.
  • Make us feel more human (that sentence felt so true after 6 hours in heels).
  • Helps us ask ethical questions.
I took notes till my hand fell off.

As I mentioned earlier I kind of like Mary… I do. Is that sad? My politician friends would probably think so. But that being said I still think the royal people should seriously think about cooling down their consumption habit.
I fell a bit in love with Bruno.

The reward for the entire day was without doubt dinner with my amazing mom and catching the sunset at the great belt bridge on my way home. 
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Day 42.

Fashion Summit 2012! Or as I call it: Another day at the Opera. 
My dress was quite a bit shorter than I remembered…

… But who cares when it is THIS pretty? (+ has pockets) Dear dress please forgive me for ever leaving you!
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Day 41

Ready for the Youth Fashion Summit with my dayglow horse.

This might be old news, but if you have a pair of jeans that you don’t use because the zipper has become lazy (which for me is too small an issue to throw out the pants, but an issue big enough not to wear them) a keychain in the zipper and around the button can really do the trick.
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Day 39 and 40.

It’s my 2nd and final day in Hamburg, since unfortunately I have to go to Copenhagen for the Fashion Summit tonight. 
The dress I’ve been dreading. At least I look really cute and sane and have a normal skin color. Ahem.
Note: I changed the skin tone in iPhoto (which I secretly use for editing every time I can get away with it). This is why my shoes now look green.