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The Wardrobe Challenge

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Day 47.

I just read a post written by a young fashion blogger where she is complaining that blogging is eating too much of her real life. After 47 days of daily ‘fashion’ blogging I really understand where she is coming from. It’s hard work! And I even have an excuse if my outfit doesn’t look good since this “wardrobe challenge” is an experiment where I am only allowed to wear the clothes in my wardrobe I haven’t worn in the past year. (Read my first post about it here.) 
You can read Janes post about compromising reality here.
Ps. But yay for rediscovering these Isabel Marant leggings! 

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Day 43.

Just one week left of my Wardrobe Challenge! I’ve had a lovely working day, and now I am back home trying to get a hold on my MA project, heavily loaded with othello cake and a little wish that I was going to the SPOT festival instead.

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Day 42.

Fashion Summit 2012! Or as I call it: Another day at the Opera. 
My dress was quite a bit shorter than I remembered…

… But who cares when it is THIS pretty? (+ has pockets) Dear dress please forgive me for ever leaving you!
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Day 41

Ready for the Youth Fashion Summit with my dayglow horse.

This might be old news, but if you have a pair of jeans that you don’t use because the zipper has become lazy (which for me is too small an issue to throw out the pants, but an issue big enough not to wear them) a keychain in the zipper and around the button can really do the trick.
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Day 39 and 40.

It’s my 2nd and final day in Hamburg, since unfortunately I have to go to Copenhagen for the Fashion Summit tonight. 
The dress I’ve been dreading. At least I look really cute and sane and have a normal skin color. Ahem.
Note: I changed the skin tone in iPhoto (which I secretly use for editing every time I can get away with it). This is why my shoes now look green. 
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Day 38.

Yesterday I went dancing in my gym suit, and it was surprisingly durable and turned out to be an epic night. I am still incredible hungover and on my way to Hamburg to work. Not the ideal Sunday activity, but Lagkagehusets café in Kastrup helps a bit (rugbrødsbolle with dark chocolate ftw!) – Apparently I’ve become too old for Joe and the juice for which I totally blame the hip.
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Day 37.

Shit. I can’t believe I actually look like this today. And the pose to top it… But since I am pretty much down to pj’s and party dresses I guess it’s nice with an excuse to dress up like a dancer with a woolen suit and jazz ballet shoes from Stræk & Bøj.
I’ve been working all day trying to make a practical project out of my oh so brilliant idea. This is always the most difficult part for me.